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Phoenix and Firewhip


ambisonic (5th order) electroacoustic




South of the equatorial plane, near the great Cleft scarring the continent called Aquila (named after its eagle-shaped form), lies an unusual biome that has evolved to generate and survive great discharges of energy and fire. The forest is dominated by tesla trees, which under certain meteorological conditions, violently release explosions and lighting bolts of static electricity that ignite massive wildfires across the Pinion Plateau. Only the hardiest lifeforms like phoenix shrub, firewhip, amber lambent, glowbirds, and multihued gossamers are witnesses to the volatile conditions of these flame forests.

The materials used in this piece are inspired by Dan Simmons's novel Hyperion and were produced using ambisonic and binaural techniques.

Material from this piece was used in Amber Lambents for mandolin, electronics, and computer.